What is a Certificate of Authenticity COA?

In the fast-paced contemporary art world, selling a work of art can occur in the blink of an eye. The sale is an exciting process, but it is extremely important to include the proper documentation, to ensure the validity of your transaction. One of the most essential documents you should include in the event of a sale of your work is a certificate of authenticity or COA.

The Certificate is an official document that proves your work is genuine and authentic. It is a helpful tool in proving a work's provenance, quality, and ensures the buyer that it is produced by you and no one else. Ideally, it should accompany every work of art you've constructed, regardless of whether it is sold or not. In the event of a sale, a certificate of authenticity is typically one of the first documents provided to the buyer.

Why Do You Need a Certificate of Authenticity?

Providing a physical document to the potential buyer or collector eases the transaction process because it assures the buyer that the work is your own. This document aids in the prevention of counterfeit. It is essential to avoid as much risk as possible in selling your work, because you have invested your time, money, and creativity in your practice.

A COA also acts as a sales receipt, ensuring a successful sale of your work between you and the buyer. In the event that your work increases in value over time, a COA acts as a physical document that tracks the provenance of your works, thus proving an increase in value.

Generate easily your certificate of authenticity in a few clicks

Artcertificate deploys all the power of new technologies to create your certificates of authenticity, save them on a database and manage their traceability instantly in a few clicks. Listed in your admin space a step-by-step guide with all the information you must include in a COA.

Artist name, Title of the work, Year of completion, Dimensions, Medium, Edition number, if applicable, Special instructions. Make sure, if necessary, to include any special instructions regarding the condition of your work, installation instructions, etc.

Your COA should include a high-resolution image of your work.

Statement of Authenticity. This should consist of a short, one to two sentence statement declaring the authenticity of your work, as well as a statement that your work is copyrighted by you, and you alone.

Artcertificate publishes CERTIFICATES 100% PAPER, because we consider that this support is more reliable in the long term than the solutions entirely digital. The buyer or the professional can at any time export all the information from the database in PDF format.

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Your Benefits
Our Warranties

- Different COA template in A4 format
- Integration of the company LOGO

- SIMPLIFY THE PROCESS of certifying your artworks
- VALUE and STRENGTHEN the confidence of your buyers
- ONLINE ARCHIVING of certificates

- a SECURE certificate of authenticity
- a certificate number registered on ARTcertificate
- a QR code for TRACEABILITY
- a RANDOM POLYGON per document

- a set of three SECURITY seals to stick on the documents

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Do you publish your certificates of authenticity yourself?

Guarantee the traceability of your certificates of authenticity and your works with a Qrcode.

When we publish our own certificates of authenticity, we do not always think about the traceability of the work and the need to list it. Why and how to protect the attachment of the artwork to its author? In the artistic field, traceability has become a fundamental necessity.


1) The timestamped recording of the artwork.
2) Establishment of the parternity of the work.
3) Creation of a number and a unique Qrcode.
4) Establishment of a web page of the work.
5) Download evidence of authenticity.
6) Exporting documents for archiving.
7) Integration of control by polygons.
8) Registration of serial numbers.
For secure sheets and holograms

Today, thanks to Artcertificate you can register all your certificates of authenticity, even those that you make yourself. You will be provided with a unique number and a Qrcode which are the first stone to a traceability process.


Simply secure all your certificates

Secure A4 X9 Paper
Secure A4 paper has 9 levels of security, making it completely forgery-proof and non-reproducible. Most checkpoints are checked without specific hardware. The documents printed on this security paper are guaranteed to be the originals. Their contents and the sender are thus authenticated thanks to this UV paper.

Standard and Premium VOID Anti-Tamper Hologram
Your certificates, invoices and seals will thus be totally tamper-proof and tamper-proof.

- High degree of security
- Immediate authentication with the naked eye
- 2D / 3D technology, Dot Matrix
- Many security points
- tamper-proof and inviolable

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Certification Process

  • 1

    Access your member area

    Fill out our registration form or login to access your member area.

  • 2

    Create your certificate online

    Fill out the creation form of the work, download the photo and generate the certificate of authenticity.

  • 3

    Make the layout

    Open your certificate of authenticity online, then choose your layout in a few clicks.

  • 4

    Print your certificate

    Print directly your certificate or download the PDF file for printing at a service provider.

  • 5

    Secure your certificate

    Use secure sheets and holograms to secure your documents: certificate, artwork and invoice.

Mobile app

Photograph your work

Directly with your mobile phone or tablet.

Create your certificate

From your mobile phone or tablet by logging into your member area.

Print your certificates

Print directly from your mobile phone or tablet to a Wifi printer.

Artcertificate | Edit your own certificates of authenticity

Scan the Qrcodes

Flash the Qrcodes of the certificates and go to the record of the work.

Conformity check

Check online the polygons on the certificate and artwork to access all the information of the work.

Artcertificate Support

Contact us for more information about our services and certified works.

Our offers


For amateur or beginner artists

1.25 / certificate

  • Purchase in batches of 5, 10, 15, 20 etc ...
  • Integration of your LOGO
  • Invoice Editing INCLUDED
  • FREE Certificate Hosting
  • 1 free COA upon registration
  • Secured Sheets
  • Security Holograms
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For confirmed or professional artists

2.50 / certificate

  • Purchase in batches of 5, 10, 15, 20 etc ...
  • Integration of your LOGO
  • Invoice Editing INCLUDED
  • FREE Certificate Hosting
  • 1 free COA upon registration
  • Secured Sheets
  • Security Holograms
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