SELL MORE and BETTER with a CERTIFICATION process structured, professional and PERFORMING! Editing your invoices.
Don't Worry<br />Be Happy !

Don't Worry
Be Happy !

Ah ... I remember very well my first sale ... Youpi! And then this legal obligation to make an invoice ... Olala !!! What happiness to share with his calculator ... It's true that the artist must be multitasking ...

So, if you are equipped with software with the right knowledge, this is no problem, just a few minutes and if you are less talented, a few minutes too ... but if you have nothing, it becomes painful to get an average result ... My hair bristled on my head and it never went down ... look at the picture and you'll see.

You knew it, I was not equipped and I thought in my torment to all the artists, all the galleries, all the professionals who did not always have at hand the tool necessary to make a bill and with a logo and all the trimmings ...

In these cases, it's the great way to loneliness ...
So I thought of you, yes to you, to bring some happiness.

So I made a small application completely related to the certificate that really allows to edit quickly and easily the bills with all the necessary fields: VAT duty-free, fees ... So that everyone is really HAPPY.

3 minutes watch in hand! As usual.

The BONUS GIFT is that this service is OFFERED with PREMIUM CERTIFICATES, you have a certificate, you have an invoice, you have two certificates, two invoices, etc.

I wish you success in your business.

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You do not know anything about it?

You are null in mental calculation?

You do not have that to do?

Artcertificate has understood your problem and gives you an OFFERED solution that will allow you to achieve in 3 minutes a bill fully compliant with the legislation and will make your accountant turn green with envy.
- the details of the sellers
- the coordinates of the buyer
- the seller's SIRET number
- the consecutive number of the invoice
- the date of the sale
- payment method
- the reference
- the description of the work
- the photo of the work
- the year, the technique, the support
- and the dimension of the work
- the amount excluding VAT
- the VAT rate
- The amount of VAT
- TTC fees
- the total in TTC
- a Qrcode linked to the certificate

All these elements are included in the PREMIUM certificate.
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